‘Malevolence’: Kourtney Roy in Hundred Heroines Exhibition 

23rd February 2024
Kourtney Roy, Hundred Heroines Malevolence

We are delighted to share that Kourtney Roy was selected to exhibit her award-winning series, ‘The Other End of the Rainbow’ (2022), in the Hundred Heroine’s group exhibition, ‘Malevolence’. Roy was one of seven featured artists, exhibiting alongside the likes of internationally acclaimed photojournalist, Donna Ferrato, and feminist avant-garde visual artist, Renate Bertlmann. Looking at different aspects of gender-based violence, the display explored society’s attitudes towards the victims and perpetrators of such crimes, highlighting the need for radical change.

Kourtney Roy, The Other End of the Rainbow

While traveling across Northern British Columbia, Roy explored the history of disappearances along Highway 16—the ‘Highway of Tears’. Her photographs document the injustice faced by the families of many missing women; colonial prejudice, racism, and indifference from authorities. Based in Gloucester, England, Hundred Heroines is a contemporary museum and gallery dedicated to women in photography.

FeaturedKourtney Roy

Kourtney Roy Portrait
Kourtney Roy Wins France Photobook of The Year

The ArtistKourtney Roy’s work is bound up in an ambiguous and cinematic image-making that borders the real and the fantastical.

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