Miles Aldridge: Doors

10.01 - 14.02.24


SOL LDN is pleased to announce ‘Doors’; an online exhibition celebrating Miles Aldridge’s most recent body of work. True to the photographer’s cinematic oeuvre, ‘Doors’ blends the banality of everyday life with sharp-edged glamour and fantasy. 

Working with an experimental spectrum of mis-matched colour, each photograph repeats a tightly cropped motif of a door, a character and a prop. The same model embodies a host of personalities and plays out various everyday scenarios, such as taking out the cat, receiving flowers or bringing in the shopping. By pairing the mundane and domestic with a subtle tension, the series continues Aldridge’s exploration for truth amongst surface appearances.


Although rigorously composed, Aldridge thinks of ‘Doors’ as his most abstract work to date. “In a way”, he shares, “colour became the subject more than anything else.” Employing unusual colour combinations, the photographer teams lime green with baby pink and orange with fuschia; “Just enough to keep you on your toes”, he notes. The works are masterly produced as screenprints, an analogue process that gradually deposits layers of ink onto paper by repetitively squashing a squeegee through a mesh. The result is soft and painterly, but on a closer viewing, it becomes clear that the image is constructed through a myriad pattern of painted dots, giving the work an immediacy and graphic quality associated with Pop Art.

SOL LDN are delighted to offer unique polaroid prints by Aldridge from the ‘Doors’ series. Like preparatory drawings sketched by painters, Aldridge uses polaroids as ‘studies’ to pre-check the lighting, colour and composition of his work. As prequels to some of the photographer’s most sought after work, these unique variants have become increasingly collectable and desirable.

FeaturedMiles Aldridge

Portrait of Miles Aldridge (Peter Lindbergh)
Portrait of Miles Aldridge

The ArtistMiles Aldridge’s work is noted for its vibrant colour, elaborately styled set design and a strong sense of cinematic narrative. His photographs are concerned with the surreal, and in the mixing of the mundane with glamour and eroticism.

Miles Aldridge

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